Autism Awareness Month


April is Autism Awareness Month!  For this month our school has decided to make pins for the teachers and staff to wear.  These pins were incredible simple and fun to make.

Materials needed:

Hot glue gun

Puzzle Ribbon (I found this at Walmart for about $2 a spool)

Puzzle pieces (You can get a puzzle at the Dollar Store)

Pin hook (It cost about $3.50 for 40 pin backs)




Step One: Paint all the puzzle pieces one color.  I used blue since blue is the color that represents Autism Awareness.

Step Two: After the pieces dry, paint with a layer of decoupage and sprinkle glitter on top.

Step Three: Cut the ribbon and loop to form a ribbon.  Hot glue the ribbon together.

Step Four: Glue the glittered puzzle piece on top of the ribbon and glue the hook on the back of the ribbon.


I searched pinterest and found this great card that I printed and pinned the puzzle piece pin on for a final product!


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