Back to School: Open House Night

back to school

Since I have always been a school psychologist in multiple schools, I never participated in Open House nights.  So this year, I was excited to be part of the back to school night at my new school.  While being a Special Education Coordinator, you do not get as many parents coming by to visit, I still wanted to be prepared with a little treat!

I was inspired by this post I found on Pinterest and replicated something similar.  I just happen to have red and green boxes that I bought years ago for potential Christmas gifts that never got used so I decided to put the cookies in them.

I then attached the poem below to each box full of cookies.  I really loved this poem because it emphasizes the importance of educators and parents working together for our children.


The final product turned about pretty nice and hopefully the parents will enjoy the message and the treat!DSC_0130I also found these other great ideas on Pinterest, but did not have time to make them all, but possibly something to try for next year.

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