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Behavior Badges are a visual “badge” that students can either wear, tape to their desk, or the teacher could use as a whole class visual/system.  Having a goal that is visual is very important to many students (and adults).  Personally, I use an agenda every day that keeps my daily goals in order and have to do list visual next to me on my desk.  Recently, I have also begun using sticky notes and thus the idea of a similar method for kids came into my head that was more “kid friendly”.

If the teacher wants to use behavior badges as a classwide intervention, then one behavior should be picked that the teacher will be focusing on that day.  Below is a list of some of the most common behaviors I have seen over the last few years, all stated positively!

Take responsibility for actions and do not blame others
Accept corrective Feedback without being negative.
Get along with classmates by showing socially appropriate behaviors.
Keep my hands and feet to myself.
Prepared for class with all necessary materials.
Focus on teacher instructions and assigned work.
Respectful and comply with adult request without arguing.
Controlled emotions when faced with a difficult situation.
Raise hand before speaking.
Sit in my chair and work quietly.
Complete and turn in all school work on time.
Travel quickly and quietly in the hallway.

After choosing the behavior, the teacher would post it the front of the classroom and with either stickers or check marks the teacher would reinforce the behavior throughout the day when the WHOLE class is completing the behavior.  This could be done on random hourly intervals For example, at 9:05, the entire class is keeping their hands and feet to their self then the teacher would put a sticker on the badge.  This would be done throughout the day at 10:05, 11:05, 12:05, 1:05, and 2:05.


If the entire badge is filled out with stickers at the end of the day, the class would earn a group reward which could vary.  Check out Reward Menus for some different, simple ideas.

The same type of system could be used with an individual student or a small group of students in the classroom that need a little extra push!  Some students may simply just need the visual badge on their desk without the spot for stickers as a reminder throughout the day.  The teacher would point or refer to the badge when needed.  Other students may actually need the tangible sticker or check mark placed in the circle to remain focused towards their goals.


Once the student has mastered the goal on their behavior badge, you can move on to a new goal to target.  If you would like a copy of 12 different behavior badges and their sticker counter part, click on the below image.



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