Catching the Holiday Spirit: Management Tips to Keep Students on Track


With holiday season approaching us, classroom behavior can start to escalate as students are getting excited and teachers are getting worn down!!  Now is the time to add a couple new tricks to your behavior tool belt.  I’m excited to be Linking up for Focused on Fifth for Unwrapping Holiday Classroom Ideas.  Today’s topic is Management Tips to Keeps Students on Track.



The Yes/No intervention is simple to implement and keeps students on track for those last weeks before Christmas Break.   This intervention is based on probability.  The teacher refreshes the students in the classroom on the rules or expectation.  The students model the correct behavior, so everyone knows the how to follow the expectations.  Throughout the day, the teacher places “Yes” cards in the jar when students are performing appropriate behavior.  The teacher places “No” cards in the jar when the students are exhibiting negative or disruptive behavior.


At the end of the assigned period or at the end of the day, the teacher will draw a card out of the jar.  If a “Yes” card is drawn, than students receive the reward.  This reward should be placed in an envelope at the beginning of the day.  It could either be a “mystery” or something all students have chosen.  If a “No” card is drawn, then the students will continue with their academic work.


To ensure, students “buy in” to the system, it is important to place more “Yes” cards then “No” cards in the jar during the first couple of days.  When placing a “Yes” card in the jar, the teacher should describe the behavior, such as “Thank you Ben for following directions”.   If a “No” card is placed in the jar, the behavior should be explained, such as “Ben I am putting a No card in the jar because you are out of your assigned area.  This intervention could also be adapted to use with individual students.

Grab a FREE copy of Yes/No cards HERE and make sure you check out other great ideas by clicking the link below.   Happy holidays!


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  1. Angela

    My students would really benefit from a behavior system like this. I love that it is so simple to implement and provides immediate feedback to the students. The probability aspect of the game is supper exciting and fun. Thanks so much for linking up with us.

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