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I’m linking up with some other great blogs to give some different ideas on how to beat the Summer Slide.  Since school is out and kids typically don’t want to complete the “traditional” school work.  Making learning fun and interactive it one of the best ways I have found to help prevent the summer slide with my own children.   This summer Scavenger Hunts have been the key to keeping them engaged and learning.  While my children are only 2 and 3, scavenger hunt activities can be incorporated with children of any ages.

One of our first activities focused around shapes. I created and cut out shapes (circle, square, triangle, star, oval, and rectangle).  I then placed them in an envelope and marked the top of the envelope with either a pink circle for my younger daughter or an orange rectangle for my older daughter.  I wanted to make sure they both found the same shapes.

cut and folder

Next, I hid the envelopes around the room and had the girls come and find them.  They really enjoyed looking for their envelopes and very excited when they found one with their shape.  I gave them each a bag in order to collect the envelopes.

search and find

After all the envelopes were found, they opened them up and we identified the shapes together.  I then gave them a glue stick and they glued the shapes onto the correct page of their shape book. So far we have gone on two “shape hunts” and still have lots more room on the pages to add more shapes, so I believe we will be going on more “hunts” in the coming weeks.  My oldest daughter especially loved this activity and she also worked on counting the shapes after she glued them on the pages.

You can get the Shapebook for free HERE.


Our next activity focused around numbers and counting.  We love going to the beach and boating, so I thought the girls would like the “summer like” theme…hence the starfish.  I decided to just focus on the numbers 1-9 with and to start with a matching activity.

I made a template with starfish labeled 1-9.  And then I created matching pink starfish with the same numbers.

You can get your FREE printable for this activity HERE.

starfish search starfishsearch1

I laminated and cut out the pink starfish and then started to think how to make it into a scavenger hunt.  In the past the girls have enjoyed rice bins, so I dyed some rice yellow and hid the starfish in the rice.  You can learn how to dye rice here.  It is very easy!!


Then I added a couple of shells into the mixture and the girls took turns looking for the starfish.

pic5            pic2

Since number recognition is a skill that my oldest daughter is currently working on,  she matched the starfish to the correct number on the corresponding sheet.  I was pretty impressed that she was able to match most of them with little help from me.

Next time we do this activity, I plan on getting some tweezers so the girls can work on their fine motor skills.

I decided to make a starfish themed number lesson to accompany this activity since the girls seemed to enjoy it. Included in the mini lesson are flashcards, number matching, individual number sheets, and coloring sheets.  Here is a sample of an activity sheet.


If you want to check out the entire kit, you can find it HERE and enter to win any two items from my TPT store by completing the following raffle.

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Some other ideas for older children could be going on a scavenger hunt for words and then trying to make sentences with the words or doing a geography scavenger hunt using a globe.  The possibilities are really endless once you pick a skill you want to work on.  Happy Hunting and thanks for stopping by!! Click on the following image to hop on over to the Queen of the Jungle blog.



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    1. Discovering Hidden Potential Post author

      I agree….when they do not actually know they are learning they tend to have so much fun!! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Discovering Hidden Potential Post author

      Hope your daughter enjoys it as much as mine did! I love creating products and ideas for my own kids!! Thanks for stopping by!!


    1. Discovering Hidden Potential Post author

      Yes, there are so many different things you can do with scavenger hunts!! Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Crystal

    The scavenger hunt was a hit! I know they loved going around the house looking for the shapes. This is such a great resource. Also, I love the hand on math lesson. These are two sure winners with the kiddos. 🙂

    1. Discovering Hidden Potential Post author

      Yes, they did have a good time!! Thanks for organizing this great blog hop…so many great ideas!

  2. Gay ESkew

    Love your blog post on How to reduce the summer slide with scavenger hunts. I pinned this for future reference to use with my grandchildren.


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