Getting Ready for our next book exchange

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We have been doing book exchanges for the past few months and we are all really enjoying it.   The girls constantly ask to do “book projects”.  This month we chose the book, Rain Drop Plop by Wendy Cheyette Lewison.  I really love this book and all the different things you can do with it, especially with numbers and talking about weather.

My favorite activity we did with the book, was creating question cards that went along with each page of the book.  These questions helped the girls with positional words, as well as answering basic “who, what, when, where” questions.


We also matched lowercase and uppercase letters using umbrella tops and bottoms and matched numbers with the correct number of raindrops.  I created a an umbrella pattern sheet, so the girls could start working on simple patterns and we made a cute raindrop that we named and played with.  When we made the rain drop, I asked the girls to follow certain directions, such as put the blue gems on the shoes.  Finally, we got some paint chips and put letters on them and then matched letters with clothes pins.

raindrop collage

The timing of this book exchange was perfect since it was actually rather rainy throughout the week.  For a snack, I added some white chocolate pretzels, since pretzels is what the little girl eats for a snack.


It has been fun to see the changes in each of my daughter’s drawings over the past couple months, especially my oldest.  This time she drew her family under an umbrella.  Each month, I see more and more detail in her drawings and now she is writing too!


We will be starting up a new exchange in March if you would like to join, just comment below and I will send you all the details!!

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  1. Yanique

    This is a lovely idea. I especially like the question cards you created. I can use this with my second grader to help him pay attention to important details as he reads. Much more fun that a worksheet !


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