IEP Snapshot for Regular Education Teachers

As I start gathering my resources for this year, I wanted to create something that I could use with regular education teachers in order to give them a short overview of the special education students in their classroom.  While there are alot of great resources already out there, I could not find one that exactly matched the information that I wanted to provide.  The main two areas I want regular education teachers to be aware of are the accommodations and the services.

So, I created the following one page “Snapshot”.


While previous practice has been to give teachers the accommodations and behavior plan if there is one, I want to go a step further with the teachers.  I would like to sit down with them and fully explain what is written on the paper.  To often, a paper is passed to a teacher and filed away without a second glance.  I plan on scheduling individual conferences with teachers who have special education students in their classrooms, so they know from day one, what accommodations must be provided and what unique needs they will have for the year.

If you would like to check out “IEP Snapshot for Regular Education Teachers” click here.

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