Kwik Stixs: Review and Giveaway!


I was excited when The Pencil Grip Company asked me to review their product, Kwik Stix.  My girls love arts and crafts, so this product was lots of fun to try out!  Kwik Stix are tempera paints that dry in 90 seconds and create very little mess.  They are also easy for little hands to use.  We used the paints to free draw and the girls had a great time.  In my oldest daughter’s (4 years old) words, “These are cool!  I want to use these all the time!”  I was also impressed with them for 3 main reasons.

Vibrant Colors

We had 12 different colors to use and they were so bright and vibrant.  Compared to typical paints and crayons that we usually use, the Kwik Stik’s were much brighter, even with just one stroke. The girls enjoyed using them all and blending them together.



Kwik Stix are very easy to use and create a smooth texture on the paper.   They create the perfect cross between crayon and paint.   Even when lots of pressure is placed on them, they stay smooth.


Little Mess

My daughters are very messy and these were the perfect alternative to using paint which usually gets all over the place and takes a while to dry.  These paints dry so fast….I really could not believe how fast they dried.  The girls went past the page and accidentally drew on the table.  They wiped right off with just a cloth and water.


We will definitely be hanging on to these paints and as my daughter quoted “use them all the time!”  Lucky for you, there is a chance to win a 12 color set of Kwik Stix to add to your art collection.

Kwik Stix 12 pack

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