As part of planning and preparing for a parent program, I reached out to different companies for donations that I could giveaway to parents.  The intent of these giveaways is to increase participation and give parents something useful to use at home with their children.  I was excited to receive a donation of a NEATLINGS chore chart system.   I LOVE their motto of “cultivate contributing, confident, can-do kid”.  I started using it with my own children this past week.

neatavery1From a psychologist perspective, it has all the components of a great token economy and from a parent perspective it is easy to set up and includes lots of options to fit our home and daily schedule.  The system comes with a nice one page overview of different ways to set up the chore chart at home and different chart configurations.  It also has EVERYTHING you need to implement the chart immediately.  This was such an added bonus because I did not even have to get scissors to cut anything apart.  It even included a pen and blank chore cards to customize for your own child.


I put it together a couple different ways before settling on a daily chart divided into different times of the days (morning, afternoon, and evening).  However, the chart could be created for an entire week or divided by chore priority.  I was able to set up the chart for both my girls, but it can also be set up for three children.

neatlings1             neatlings

The chore cards come in a nice variety of colors, so each child can have their own color cards and it is easy to distinguish between them which eliminates potential fighting over cards!!


Once the girls completed a chore card, they received one ticket to start keeping in their ticket pouch, but parents can adapt the number of tickets for their own schedule.  I also really liked that BONUS chores were included which also come in different colors.  These are extra chores that the child can complete and earn even more tickets.  There are also blank cards that can be used to write in your own chores that are not included in the set.


The “reward” part of the system can be used by having children redeem tickets for either an item in the “family store” or number of screen minutes.  Children can choose which reward they would like to work towards.  The family store can be set up between child and parent and include very simple items and more “expensive” items.  NEATLINGS includes a sample of items you could use in your family store.  We will be using a rotating reward chart so it always keeps the girls engaged!


So far this has been a great addition to our family routine and I was impressed with every possible component that NEATLINGS thought of to make this a comprehensive system.  NEATLINGS can even customize their charts for you to make something slightly different to fit your family needs such as different color combinations or additional pocket chart panels if you have more than 3 children.

One lucky parent will get a NEATLINGS chore chart system at the upcoming parent program thanks to a generous donation by the company!  If you are interested in any of NEATLINGS products check them out at and get 10% of your purchase with the coupon code of DEAL4YOU.  This code is valid from now until November 30th.




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