Night Time Story Basket

Story Basket

We have recently started a new night time routine at our house which my oldest (age 3) loves!!  Typically we read her two books each night, but I decided to change up the routine with a story basket.

I added different/random items to the basket.  It actually helped me clean up all those small little toys that seems to scatter around the house.  I put them all in the basket and then let her pick 5 different items.

story basket1

After she picks the five items, we tell her a story  using the items.  It is a creative way to promote language!!  And as she grows older, I hope she will tell us a story.  The stories are often funny and it is so fun to hear her giggling with excitement.

story basket2

This is such an easy and fun change up to the normal book reading at night.  It promotes creative, imagination, language, and of course bonding!

story basket3

I would love to hear how your child likes listening or telling you a story!

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