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I’m linking up this week with Stephanie from Principal Principles, Ashley Reed from Just Reed and Brook Brown from Teaching Outside the Box for a BOLO (Be on the Look Out) item. This is just a sneak peek of a product that I have been working on but would love some feedback.

I’m in the process of creating a teacher feedback form for classroom observations. This is not the typically observation form that might be used for teacher evaluations or such, but a positive note. Many, actually most times, teachers are not given positive feedback on what they are doing in the classroom. In my current role, I have the opportunity to do just that….give positive feedback and ideas to help individual students.  I feel it is so important that people in any type of administrative/leadership role within the school, build teachers up and give them confidence.

I ran across this poem from Molly of Classroom Confections and absolutely loved it!  She is able to articulate the exact reason it is so important to compliment and encourage teachers.  One single compliment can lead to so much more for our students!


So far this is a peak at what I have been working on…..It is nothing very fancy thus far, but I want to continue with building a Teacher “Encouragement Kit” that will give administrators and others some ways to help build teachers up.


I have used the above form twice and the teachers actually thanked me for the feedback, and they were much more receptive to other ideas I had to implement in their classrooms for individual students.  I would really appreciate some feedback from teachers on this form.  I would also be interested in other ideas that you have seen or have used that help encourage teachers and create a positive atmosphere.  Enter to win one item from my TPT store below!!

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3 thoughts on “Positive Teacher Feedback-BOLO Link up

  1. Kelly McFarland

    Oh my goodness Laura, I absolutely LOVE the idea of a teacher encouragement kit! I can remember being at a school where we had random drop ins and we would always say “why can’t they just leave a little note.” I really like the feedback form you have. I think the kit could include a variety of different styled forms for people to pick and choose from. Maybe even have one that has a portion that says something along the lines of “something I really liked”. I can’t wait to watch and see what you come up with as I think that this is something that will be very beneficial! Thanks for sharing.

    Lattes and Lunchrooms

    1. Discovering Hidden Potential Post author


      Thanks so much for the feedback!! I really appreciate it! I hope I can give some ready made templates so it will be easy to give POSITIVE feedback!


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