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As Thanksgiving approaches, it seems like a perfect time to share some tokens of appreciation, I have been working on.  A month or so ago, I participated in a BOLO (Be on the Lookout) Blog Hop and shared a sneak peek at my teacher feedback form.  Way, way, too often teachers are observed and only given negative feedback or no feedback at all.  So, I created the following forms that can be used to give teachers quick, positive feedback on what you observed.

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In addition to positive feedback, just letting a teacher or colleague know that their work is appreciated is so important.  Not only does it make someone else feel good, it also makes them work harder and builds a more positive atmosphere.  It also encourages teamwork and motivation.  As a leader in a school building, it is important to lead by example.  I have used the following tokens of appreciation in the past.  While, they may be a little puny, they get the point across that “you are doing a good job and thank you”.

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My favorite is the following saying that is attached to a box of Cracker Jacks.


However, sometimes the biggest thank yous to others are not notes or little pieces of candy, but public acknowledgement of a job well done.  Sending emails thanking others for doing a good job and ccing other “important” people on the email can make all difference in the work to a person.  When teachers feel good about what they are doing, they will shine in the classroom and be better teachers.

This poem from Molly of Classroom Confections  articulates the exact reason it is so important to compliment and encourage teachers.  One single compliment can lead to so much more for our students!


If you would like to get the above examples in a teacher feedback kit, you can find it here.

4 thoughts on “Positive Teacher Feedback Kit

  1. Randi

    These are great ideas. I always have a hard time coming up with things to say when I want to give someone a gift. It is my goal to thank more people and this will be helpful.

  2. Heather aka HoJo

    I remember a principal who used to leave a note after a walk through. It made me feel at ease because I knew she saw me doing something good and that she wasn’t there just to stress me out. That’s exactly what this reminds me of! Thank you for sharing, and thank you for taking the time to link up with my Teaching Tuesday link up party. I’m off to share this on Pinterest. Thanks!


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