Preschool Turkey Gift


Today is the last day the girls go to school before Thanksgiving Break, so we decided to make a fun and easy sweet treat for their teachers!!  We are so lucky to have such wonderful preschool teachers.  I envision a lot of other learning activities that could be done with this craft in a classroom if teachers wanted to do it with their students (counting, graphing with colors, sequencing, ect.).  We just stuck to the basics of filling the containers and sneaking a piece of candy every now and then!!!


All you need  is a baby jar container, orange felt to make the nose, and googly eyes.   I used hot glue to glue the nose and eyes on the container.  I traced both of the girls hands and let them color the hands and then cut them out. The hand actually stuck nicely to the glue that was left over from the label on the back of the baby food container.


They were very excited to give them to their teachers this morning!!!  Now to start thinking about Christmas!


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