Reading is Sweet!


I’m very excited to have just started a new reading incentive program with our Special Education Students called “Reading is Sweet”.


Students log the amount of time they read each night on a reading log.  For every 15  minutes of reading they receive a bead on their chain.  Once they fill up one side of the chain they will receive a “sweet treat” in the form of a gift card from a local ice cream shop.


I got the dog chains from Oriental Trading and was able to get the year, name of the program, and name of the school engraved on them.

dog tag

I have been working on donations from the downtown ice cream shops (we have three) and some other chain ice cream stores.  Outside the special education classroom and my office, I created a bulletin to house the chains.

risb Since our school does not have a library, I put in project on in order to create a lending library for our kids with books that are high interest and low readability.  I really want the students to enjoy reading and they cannot have this experience with books that are too hard to read.  I got fully funded today, so I’m beyond thrilled to get my order within the next couple weeks!!!  I hope to create a fun filled bookshelf of books that get used frequently….more on this later as we get further into the project!

If you would like a template of the reading log for FREE just click here!!

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