Show and Tell Tuesday

show and tell tuesday

I’m excited to be linking with Forever in 5th for Show and Tell Tuesday.  This past week I have gotten fully back into the swing of school and have some fun things to show and tell!

show and tell tuesday 1


I started a reading incentive program before Christmas Break, “Reading is Sweet” were students would receive beads for reading and logging their reading.  I was excited to be handing out the first ice cream certificates this week to four students who meet their reading goal!!!

show and tell tuesday 2


I just finished a new product, “Behavior Badges”.  I’m excited about giving them to teachers to try them out and get some feedback.  There are 12 different behaviors and a place put stickers to reinforce the behavior.  These can be used for individual students or the entire class.

show and tell tuesday 3


My office got a little face lift with new covered cushions and binders for each student in order to store all IEP related information.  I also got a new window mirror to hang above the love seat! I love the cozy feeling!

That’s all for this week! Check out Forever and Fifth to see other “Show and Tell” posts!

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