Special Services Binder for Teachers


Part of back to school always involves professional development.  I know teachers are busy getting their classrooms ready, so when I needed to present on Special Services at the school, I did not want to take up that valuable time with a powerpoint presentation.  This year, I wanted to provided a quick professional development for teachers that gave them alot of “take home” resources to use, so I created a special services binder to keep all their material for RTI, 504, IEP, and behavioral interventions.  My hope is that we will continue to add to this binder throughout the year and that it will provide a place for documentation for IEP and 504 students in one place.

The first divider provided a one page sheet that describes the basics of Response to Intervention (RTI).  This is a work in progress at the school, so we will be setting our process up throughout the year and adding pages.

The second divider is where 504 accommodations will be kept.  I plan on adding some more material to this area as we start the school year.

The third divider is where all IEP information will be kept.  I provided a one page “Cheat Sheet to Special Education”.  There are so many acronyms that are used in special education (IEP, LRE, FAPE…) and I’m sure it can be confusing to a teacher.  This sheet gives a brief description of some of these terms.

cheat sheet1

Since teachers are required to keep documentation of all accommodations used in the classroom, I included a “Accommodation Documentation Sheet”.


This is also the place that teachers will keep their IEP snapshot if they have a student that has an IEP.  You can read more about the IEP Snapshot on this post.


The final tab, includes behavior interventions.  I plan on giving teachers a different behavior intervention each week. I am using the Behavior Boosters I created for the first 8 weeks of school.  The first one I included was Interest Inventories.


Another key to classroom management is learning about the background of students.  I write in more detail about this here.  I included the following image to help illustrate the importance of learning about each student.


So, that is the start of the binder, but it is a “working binder”, so I want to continue to give more resources to teachers that they can use and implement immediately.  You can find all these resources on in my TPT store!

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