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Coloring for Good Behavior

For little children, a typical behavior chart with the day broken down into individual time slots may not be effective.  Little children (3-6) sometimes need more immediate and interactive reinforcement.  If you have a child that needs more “action” when reinforcing behavior, you might try a simple coloring sheet that has very defined areas, such as a color by number or letter sheet.


After finding a coloring sheet, you would identify a behavior that you are targeting with the child.  This should be kept simple and positively stated. Some examples could be: stay in assigned area, follow directions the first time they are given, or transition quietly.

When picking what type of coloring sheet, determine how often you want to reinforce the behavior, meaning how often can the child color in one portion of the coloring page.  You could keep it small with just a few different portions to color, such as the example below which has seven sections to color.


Or you could have a large coloring sheet with many individual segments.  Whichever you choose, remember the child needs to be allowed time immediately after the desired behavior to color in a portion of the coloring sheet.

The coloring sheet should also have definite “areas” to color very similar to a color by number coloring page.  This will prevent possible arguments as to which area can be colored!

It is also beneficial to stick to a child’s interests when choosing the coloring page .  For example, if the student really likes dogs, then find a dog coloring page.  Or if the child likes a particular cartoon or movie character, find a coloring sheet to match their interests.  Once the child colors the entire page, then a larger reward is given.  This reward should be predetermined.  Check out this article on reward menus to get some different ideas on how to make up a reward chart.

Another way to implement this type of behavior reinforcement program is to use color by number sheets.  Every time the child preforms the desired behavior then they can color one number of the sheet.  If you decide to break the day into 8 individual segments, then the child could color the number that goes with the time of day.  If the entire picture gets colored, then the child will receive a reward.

Of course, you can find coloring books almost anywhere; however most of them do not have defined areas to color.  Here are some additional website of coloring pages that might be helpful.  Happy Coloring!!!

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